True Love

…Malen nach Herzenslust…
When Sigrid Nolte Schefold paints she paints a river of colors, stream of lines and shapes. Layers over layers. What turns out is a vivid image of her spirit –  dynamic and diverse. It is because of this diversity that her paintings can hardly be defined. One thing all of Sigrid Nolte Schefold’s paintings share, though, is their overdimensional size and the flow of the paint brush that bore them.

Sigrid Nolte Schefold herself has a quite unconventional standpoint regarding the composition of art. “You can start your painting out one way, then turn it around and finally finish it standing upside down”, she says. It becomes clear that her paintings must belong to the category “abstract”, where objects and human faces turn into non-realistic images. Many of them can also be considered “concrete”, meaning, that only concrete dimension lies in the painting; it has no equivalent in the real world of images. Sigrid Nolte Schefold’s paintings live by colors rather than motives. And her favorite color is red.

When defining a piece of art one often inspects the devices and techniques the artist used. Acryl on canvas. Canvas not smaller than door-size. That is Sigrid Nolte Schefold. Usually artist paint on easel. So does she – sometimes. Yet mostly she works the canvas on the floor where the position is more stable and where she can pour buckets of color onto the fabric. Also with her use of paint brushes Sigrid Nolte Schefold distinguishes herself from other artists. While they hold up to ten different sized brushes in their hands, she works with one. And this one easily reaches scrubber size. She also attaches paint brushes of enormous sizes onto long. Wooden slats to be able to reach all corners of the canvas.

As for the technique, Sigrid Nolte Schefold does not measure distances or angles with the paintbrush handle. She applies large movements, for here is a lot of color to be spread. “The painting comes into being after the tenth layer”, she says. Therefore her primary goal is to give the canvas color. And then shapes and lines. And thereby structure. It is this structure that will shine through to the top layer giving the painting depth and the eye incentive. Of course the layers need a lot of scrubbing to reach transparency. Painting is full body sport.

Observing Sigrid Nolte Schefold paint is both wonderful and frightening. Wonderful because she throws away her lawyer’s clothes and puts on white overalls sprinkled with colors. Wonderful because she works with unhindered determination and shiny eyes. It is when inspiration does not tell her where to move the paint brush that watching Sigrid Nolte Schefold paint becomes frightening. She gets hectic. Desperate about the objective to improve but not to destroy.

Painting is walking on the ridge. Trusting yourself to mix the right color, chose the right paint brush. Make the right move. Only there is no “right” in creativity and that makes it even harder. It’s not about choosing a color that would match the living room couch. It’s about painting what you like. And painting what you not like. It’s about letting it all out. It’s “True Love”  when Sigrid Nolte Schefold paints.

Dr. Julia Nolte
“True Love”,  Acryl on canvas, Triptychon, 200x360cm

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